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Banner Commercial – Overview Brochure

This brochure provides a detailed outline of Banner’s product and services offering. Starting with the grades we commonly process, see the variety of material we’re able to provide from inventory or source in the event that a grade is not listed. The next section reviews the value-added processes we’re capable of providing, followed by a detailed chart showing capability by facility.

One of Banner’s core competencies includes the ability to take a strategic approach to our customers’ supply chains. Whether it’s consolidating freight loads or providing near net machined parts, Banner’s inside sales team will find  a way to create maximum value as your single-source metals vendor.

Superior quality systems are necessary in order to provide complete material traceability. Banner takes pride in being both ISO 9001:2008 and AS:9100C certified. We have gone through the rigorous process of engineering our quality systems to the highest level so our customers don’t have to.

The final portion of this brochure outlines our various value propositions by market segment, showing specifically how we can reduce supply chain complexity while increasing value for our end users. Please contact us for general inquiries or to learn more about Banner Commercial.


CNC Swiss Operator Flyer

Utilizing centerless ground materials on CNC Swiss machining centers is proven to increase productivity, reduce scrap and improve part quality. Banner’s ability to provide a broad range of centerless ground material in as quickly as 24 hours allows our team to help customers increase sales while reducing inventory.

Banner routinely carries over 6 million pounds of various material grades in our inventory at all times. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive inventory and value-added service capabilities today!!

BC-Line Marking Thumb

Banner Commercial Line Marking Technology

Line Marking of centerless ground materials increases risk mitigation and assures the correct material is being used throughout the manufacturing process. Banner offers a cost effective method of identifying material by printing basic to fully customized information anywhere on the bar and as many times as you need it. Our Line Marking process works on all grades of centerless ground materials in sizes ranging from .1875″ through 1.50″ outside diameter. Incorporating Line Marking in your order does not increase lead time.

Even the most meticulous quality systems have shortfalls. Adding this simple layer of risk mitigation into your system provides supplemental support and peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about Banner’s Line Marking capability and how it can help reduce quality concerns associated with machining material for your critical applications.


Titanium Flyer

Banner Commercial Precision Bar Flyer

Precision Bar Shop

Your Better One Stop Precision Bar Shop – Flyer